The intelligent enclosure system as a tailor-made solution for your components

The concept is based on aluminium and/or plastic profiles that can be modified by a combination of different components to produce the base support when it is screwed to the front-plate. You can use this to produce a variety of different shapes and sizes. Grooves on the inside of the profiles support the PC-boards, nuts or threaded strips where components or mounting plates can be attached. The plates for the front, top and the bottom of the enclosure may be screwed down or simply inserted into grooves:

  • Electronic enclosures
  • Monitor housings
  • Touchscreen-/Display enclosures
  • Desktop enclosures
  • Console enclosures
  • DIN-rail enclosures
  • Mounted enclosures

The construction and engineering of the components are based on the principle of "form follows function" since the components are tailored to match the PC-boards or other customer specific requirements.

Example: enclosure series ALU-Compact

Example: enclosure series ALU-Compact

Constant availability of a large number of standard enclosures and accessories like foil keyboards, wall brackets, etc. save a lot of time and money for the development work. The result is a distinctive design based on the choice of colour in combination with the moulds and end pieces (which are available in ten attractive colours). What is more, reordering/replacement purchases are simplified since the different components are available separately, as subassemblies or as completely assembled systems.

The enclosures can be machined and surfaces treated and printed as required by the customer. The sizes of the enclosures are determined by the individual customer's application.