The intelligent enclosure system as a tailor-made solution for your components

Aluminium enclosures PrioLine®

The PrioLine® housing systems are not simply another set of enclosures, PrioLine® is your complete solution. You benefit from our know-how that extends from design through CNC machining up to individual surface finish.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-COMPACT

The universal system of enclosures ALU-COMPACT impresses with its individual design and multifunctional properties. Like a tailor-made suit, it can be adapted to any size circuit board.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-COMPACT BGT

These enclosures of the series ALU-COMPACT are especially produced as module rack and dispose of plastic end caps as well as variegated decorative strips.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-ECOPAC

Our new ALU-ECOPAC offers the best low-cost alternative to the ALU-COMPACT profile enclosure. The emphasis here is not on the design but functionality and the interesting price-performance ratio.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-PRIMUS

A fully enclosed profile enclosure (tubular profile) without grooves, slots or edges provides an excellent solution for areas with demanding hygienic requirements such as food processing and medical technology.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-PRIMUS HD

A special version of the standard enclosure ALU-PRIMUS with protection degree IP67 which can be designed individually with variegated design foils. 

Aluminium enclosure ALU-OPTIMA

Classic front-panel solution with U-profiles for small enclosures offering very simple installation of electronic circuits in the aluminium enclosure, specifically for components that require openings in the enclosure.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-MONITOR

Like a tailor-made suit, the frame-style ALU-MONITOR enclosures are fitted to suit the circuit boards of our customers or other requirements - in combination with high demands on design and functionality.

Aluminiuim enclosure ALU-FRAMEPAC

The innovative aluminium frame for monitors and large display systems is available in many different variations of design and functionality, coupled with virtually unlimited possibilities in terms of size.

Aluminium enclosure ALU-DISPLAYPAC

This is a custom-made aluminium frame for monitors and large display systems. All the components are mounted on the aluminium back plate in layers. The frame of the enclosure is simply placed over the components and screwed down from behind.